Manchester events, 2016

Success! Downpour took place on October 29th at the Manchester Science Festival and November 5th at the Festival of Social Science (ESRC) and it was absolutely brilliant! There was tension, laughter, rain, sunshine (which was pleasant even if not entirely topical) and most of the teams managed to save the city from the catastrophic downpour. Over the 2 days, we had 118 participants, two thirds of whom said they learnt something new about flooding, from the role of the uplands to the complexity of political decision-making, which we are very happy about.

And this is what some of the players said about Downpour:

“Thanks for such a creative, thought-provoking and adrenaline-pumping event. Who knew saving Manchester could be so much fun!” Eliza Chan

“It was great! Thoroughly stimulating throughout.” Phil Hardy

Thank you to everyone who took part, to our amazing actors and volunteers and to the funders that supported us and made it possible (namely Arts Council England, the University of Manchester, the Manchester Science Festival and the Festival of Social Science).

We’re working hard on planning more dates for Downpour for 2017, so keep checking this space for news and updates!


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