What do you mean by an interactive street game? What is Downpour? What will I be asked to do if I play?

These are all legitimate questions, and we’ll try to answer them here.

Downpour is a role playing, interactive event designed to thrust Science, interpretation and decision making into the hands of players. Street games like this are an innovative and powerful tool to communicate science in a fully immersive, engaging and fun way. They take place outdoors (hence the “street” part of the name), are usually played in teams and are interactive, meaning that players interact with their environment, various forms of media and with actors.

Downpour is the second science based interactive street game that we* have produced, following the success of “Outbreak!”, which took place at the 2015 Manchester Science Festival. This year we are focusing on climate change, the causes but especially the consequences of it for the UK. The past 12 moths have already seen one of the most dramatic floods in recent history hitting the North West (nicknamed the Boxing Day Flood, which hit particularly hard the Greater Manchester area) with 16000 homes flooded in just one month, unexpected weather events surprising the country and the release of the National Flood Resilience Review which states that 530 key infrastructure sites in England are vulnerable to flooding and that commits £12.5m to new temporary flood defences.

The topic has never felt more important, pressing and debated as it is now.

So come and play Downpour with us and for one hour you will be holding the future of your city in your hands, collecting scientific data and working around tough political controversies in order to push the right policies to reduce the risk of further floods.
Dates for 2017 to be confirmed soon!

The Downpour Team

* We are filmmakers, science communicators, game designers and researchers that have come together for this project in a partnership between Oropendola Productions and Playfuel.

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