Flooding is a climate change issue

“With global average CO2 concentrations now at over 400 parts per million, rainfall and floods that were originally expected only once every 100 hundred years.. [have been] hitting towns and cities two, three and more times over the last decade…”

The concern over increasing flood risk is a key feature of Manchester’s new Climate Change Strategy, which sets out the city’s goals and approaches up to 2050. The draft of the strategy is open for public consultation until 16 October. Do get involved and have a say in Manchester’s future (and perhaps collect some valuable ideas, in case you suddenly have to take decisions).

More information: http://www.manchesterclimate.com/2050consultation



Welcome to Downpour – The Climate Game

Unprecedented, relentless and tragic – The rains have fallen, the rivers have risen the flood defences have been breached. As emergency disaster management advisors, you’ll work in teams against the clock to respond to the tragedy. Exploring the devastation to communities, emergency services and wildlife across the city, you’ll handle the press, review the science and apply the theory. It will be up to you to make tough decisions and devise a radical action plan to protect the city in future, Manchester cannot survive another flood.

The event took place on October 29th at the Manchester Science Festival and November 5th at the Festival of Social Science (ESRC). Check out the weather forecast (and this webpage!) in the next months to see where Downpour will be coming next!